Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions
By agreeing to the Terms and Conditions, you acknowledge that you are at least 18 years of age, and have read, and acknowledge these terms, and our refund policy, and further acknowledge that I am not responsible for any damage, or injuries caused by my products, these are props, and are intended to be non-lethal, display or costume pieces ONLY.

All Props are Hand made by Myself, and Several Customers may be in Line before your order.
Build time is variable, but as a general guide Please allow Roughly 4-20 weeks for build time as your glove is made upon order. Certain items such as Deluxe products may take longer due to outsourcing.
Time may change due to Any Life Events, or Wait for Materials. You will be informed if any changes occur.

All Shipping is done via USPS Priority.

Australian Customers: Shipping to Australia is available by in 2 separate packages due to customs issues. Some assembly will be required upon receiving.
Customs Import Fees are the responsibility of the Customer.

Return Policy: All Payments are Final, gloves are made to order, No Returns will be accepted, and No Refunds will be given.

If you have trouble, contact us directly by email Dreammalevolence@gmail.com

Your personal data will be used only to process your order, and support your experience throughout this website.

General Disclaimer

The Paints, dyes, and finished used on these products may be toxic if ingested.
Do not: Lick the or ingest any part, or anything that comes off of these products.
DO: Wash your hands after wearing and handling product

Legal Disclaimer
We at Dark Dream Design are not endorsed by New Line Cinema, nor by Robert Englund. We do not claim to have any affiliations with organizations or parties outside of the limited endeavors of Darkdreamdesign.com. We do not have permission to use any trademarks or copyrighted materials. We are not aware of any infringements against copyright holders existing on this web space. If it is believed that we have violated any agreements please contact us and our webmaster will make necessary revisions as soon as possible, granted your concerns are of a valid and verifiable nature. The products displayed at
are our original creations, and are not to be construed as perfect replicas of any film used gloves. Any likeness to a patented or copyrighted object is strictly coincidental. We use our own designs, and techniques to create our products. We ask that any confusion, by you, with this disclaimer should not be interpreted in any way such as to contradict any of the above statements.