2. The Malevolent Deity


My Flagship Sequel glove, using screen used templates, but with less focus on the small detailing and more focus on the overall look and feel of the glove. Now features New hand beveled blades.

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By the time the sequel film was made, many changes appeared on the hero prop which are faithfully captured here. Many elements only seen on the glove in the first film were changed, such as the removal of most of the weathering, resulting in a lighter colored glove. Gone is much of the backplate coloring and dark tones of the fingers as well as much of the reds on the tips resulting in a more dirty brownish weathering, and new details appeared such as small holes on the ring finger tip for a proposed ring replacement using wire, new larger replacement cap leather rivets on the middle and pinkie fingers used to affix the fingers to the back plate as well for the index finger hinges were used. Additionally, the middle ring and pinkie finger tips were reshaped. The backplate was also reshaped giving it a new bend profile.

Specifications: 3/4 in. Type-M copper Pipe, .02 brass, Spring Steel Blades.

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