The Repressed Nightmare


The general Remake Style Glove.

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Re-imagining a classic isn’t easy, but in 2010 that’s what we got! This time many design elements were changed to give the glove an all new look. The finger tips are attached from the outside allowing more movement when the fingers are closed. Additionally the tips of this monster are made with cupped pieces meaning the wearers fingers sit inside nice and snug. The backplate is re-imagined as well as four ridged strips of heavy copper giving it a more skeletal look and are attached to a clasp that closes securely around your wrist. Much research was put into this piece to make it as authentic as it possibly can be, using materials that are known to have been used in the construction of the production built gloves.
Specifications: .025 copper sheet for the stalls and tips, and .05 copper sheet for the strips and cuff, 1/8th inch Stainless steel blades MIG welded on, and Suede Keystone cowhide leather glove

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