Hallowed Ground


The Primary glove, used to help Sheila pass her test.

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Coming from the burned corpse of a madman buried in consecrated ground in a junk yard comes this charred masterpiece. In the fourth outing the glove changed yet again. No longer resembling it’s original incarnations, this glove features a more battered look with heavily dented fingers as well as the first appearance of the “solder spills” that will dominate the look of the glove for the next two films. Additionally this glove features a heavily charred weathering on the backplate and even more red staining on the tips that continues on the stalls which now feature specific dark staining on the flats and meticulously replicated dark staining resulting in the famous black swirls on the index and middle finger stalls.

Specifications: .025 copper, .025 brass, .04 Spring steel blades BRAZED on.

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Hallowed Ground, Burnt Offering, Rick Roll