Recurring Nightmare B-Hero


This is the Secondary glove of this film, used to Used in the final battle, as well as various small scenes throughout the film, features a shorter stubbier design, and a more brown and red leather glove.

Matte, non polisher blades, are standard.



Awwwwwww…TILT. Upon the burned maniac’s return in 2003, a new glove was built hearkening back to some earlier designs but this time, built for war. Made using MUCH thicker 1/8th inch steel blades with hand ground, heavy double beveled edges and soldered to an all Type-L Copper pipe construction used for the fingers, backplate and rings which have been aged to a nearly black finish, makes this glove a beast. To top it all off, the Recurring Nightmare uses a specific style leather glove with three seams running down the back and featuring a palm hole and cut off finger tips authentic to the make and model production used gloves.

Specifications: .05 Copper Sheet, 1/8th inch Stainless steel blades Soldered on, and authentic production used make and model leather.


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