Daddy’s Secret


This is the primary glove of this film, used to teach naughty children to keep their mouths shut.

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I’ll never tell. But you DID tell! Let daddy show you how to use it! While very similar to one of the gloves used in the previous film, this glove features all new finger tips with heavily soldered on blades, this time carved from butter knives that have been shaped with a very unique profile with no two blades being the same. The fingers themselves are some of the most warped and misshaped ever seen in the film series with very specific build characteristics giving the fingers a much longer look ending as much as 3/4 inch past the leather which now is colored to a more faded tan leaning towards gray. Additionally the glove has a more dirty weathering than the previous film, especially on the tips where the heavy solder spills add to the more rough look of the glove.

Specifications: .025 Copper Sheet, .025 brass, Real butter knives soldered on.

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